32 of the most iconic on-screen female friendships – from The Golden Girls to Bridesmaids

Romantic love stories are often at the forefront of our favourite film and TV plots, but it’s the strong female friendships depicted that are often the most realistic. From the friends who will stand by each other no matter what, to the brilliantly funny women who pick their bestie up when she’s down, these are the female relationships worth celebrating. 

We should never underestimate the power of female friendship. After all, when the plot twist hits and our lead character is left on shakey ground, it’s usually her best friends who pick up the pieces. It’s Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda taking Big’s place on the Mexico honeymoon. It’s Grace and Frankie becoming each other’s retirement companions. It’s Elise, Annie and Brenda helping them find a way back to themselves in the First Wives Club.