Album review: Glitterer – Rationale

Glitterer was once Ned Russin and his laptop against the world. On his third full-length record Rationale, this time he’s pulling up with a full band in tow. Now bringing in Nicole Dao on keyboard, Jonas Farah on drums, and Connor Morin on guitar, Glitterer is now an entity of musicians, cultivated from D.C. and Baltimore.

Similar to former Glitterer records, Rationale carries across some identity from Title Fight, with its grunge-esque guitar work and scorching vocals. And with more artists on board for this album, you’d think there’d be some significant sonic changes, but Glitterer’s identity seems to remain firm, and not a lot has changed since 2021’s Life Is Not A Lesson.

The Glitterer thumb print is described as music that “can sometimes seem simple but is always subtly weird and complex”. But the subtleties feel almost too subtle, and you just know there’s more lurking behind the collective hivemind of this band. Each track is still under the three-minute mark, and just as you feel you’ve got into the heart of one, you’re already out on the other side and it’s slipped through your grasp without feeling like you’ve had much of a hold.