Alice In Chains reissue Jar Of Flies on vinyl… and it’s filled with…

After teasing the 30th anniversary of Jar Of Flies last week, Alice In Chains are celebrating their classic EP’s big birthday with a very… unique… vinyl reissue.

As well as all the standard anniversary bits, the legendary Seattle group have released (and already sold out of…) a vinyl edition of the record with actual, real dead flies embedded within. So it’s kinda like Fall Out Boy’s edition of So Much (For) Stardust last year that had the band’s tears sealed into the album, but quite a bit more gross.

The dead-fly vinyl (flynyl?) comes from Romanus Records, who also recently concocted a maggot-filled record for the band Pat & The Pissers. Taking to social media, Romanus’ Chris Banta revealed that it was “actually pretty difficult to get a hold of real dead flies”. Chris added: “Absolutely iconic band, album, and more. Video and more behind the scenes content to come!”

Check it out below: