Are Bad Omens about to collab with Poppy?

Brace yourselves: Bad Omens and Poppy are up to something…

Ahead of their upcoming European tour together – which kicks off this Saturday in Berlin – Bad Omens have taken to social media to share a video of Poppy, in which the musician cryptically admits, ‘This place feels familiar, but I feel different,’ while holding a rabbit and later a butterfly. Then, Poppy asks, ‘How long have you been here? Have you been watching me this entire time? That’s weird.’ The 26-second clip ends with the word V.A.N in black paint.

Of course, this could all just be a very snazzy video to tease the tour, but it definitely seems like there’s something more to it, given that Bad Omens have also wiped their Instagram (other than the Poppy video), leading fans to think there’s a new era coming.

Speaking to Kerrang! recently about new music, frontman Noah Sebastian said of where his head was at in terms of following up The Death Of Peace Of Mind: “I feel like we’re now at a place where I have my own North Star when it comes to creating – I have this newfound respect for myself. I don’t mean it in an egotistical way, but I just want to make music that I don’t hear other bands making. It’s difficult to reinvent the wheel when making a rock album, and The Death Of Peace Of Mind is very all-over-the-place, very experimental, to the extent that if you were to hear some songs in isolation, you’d never guess that we were a rock band, and vice-versa. I’m in a cool place right now where I feel like it’s up to me to make new music to raise the bar.”

Check out the new teaser video below: