Bambie Thug is in the Eurosong final to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2024

Ouija-pop fans, unite! Bambie Thug is competing to enter Eurovision and needs your help.

The artist has just announced that their 2023 track Doomsday Blue has made it to the final of Eurosong, which takes place on January 26. If it goes all the way in that comp, it means that Bambie could represent Ireland at this year’s Eurovision.

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, Bambie posted: “Secret’s out… I’m in the Eurosong final to represent Ireland at the Eurovision 2024. Start streaming, sharing, I need heavy support with this one! The Final is live on RTE Late Late on 26th of Jan. It’s public vote, so please support and please vote correct Ireland.

“We haven’t qualified for the final in 10 years, don’t you think it’s time we pushed some boundaries and shook things up? Send the witch!”

On Twitter/X, meanwhile, Bambie excitedly wrote: “I can’t cope. Ireland I’m counting on you to vote correct, we need to shake up the competition and take back our legacy! Please pick the artist and song that pushes boundaries, send the LGBTQIA.”