Bob Vylan: “This album is a clear step above everything else that we’ve created”

We’ve already told you about how great 2023 has been for music, both here and here. And now we’re looking ahead to some of next year’s most anticipated records – including Bob Vylan’s Humble As The Sun.

Following the 5/5-rated The Price Of Life, the duo will be releasing Humble As The Sun on April 5, 2024 via Ghost Theatre. And in the latest print issue of Kerrang! – which is on sale now – frontman Bobby says that they’re taking things to the next level this time around.

“This album is a clear step above everything else that we’ve created,” he explains, as we join him in the studio. “We went into different studios and used different musicians and instruments – I played the organ on one of the tracks and we brought in a woman called Hannah who played keys. There’s all these different instruments and recording techniques that we’ve never used before.

“It’s the first time I’ve worked with another producer – Jonny Breakwell helped me record and produce this album and Laurie Vincent helped produce [lead single] He’s A Man. I think it gives it this really immersive feeling when you listen to it as a whole record, from front to back.”

Intriguingly, he also adds that, “From the very first track, people will wonder if this is a Vylan album. They might think they’ve picked up the wrong thing. Some of the production choices are quite surprising.”