Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium are teasing something

Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium have just taken to Instagram to share a couple of very similar set of posts, sparking intrigue and excitement among metal fans.

The two titans have each posted nine photos to their feeds that make up the album covers for The Poison and Ascendancy respectively. And what makes it more exciting is that all these photos have been posted at the same time by both bands, which must mean Bullet and Trivium are planning something together? (Yes, please!)

Of course, both records will be turning 20 next year, so some sort of massive anniversary celebration in 2025 makes sense. And given that Lamb Of God and Mastodon are doing the same thing in 2024 with their Ashes Of Leviathan tour in North America, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility…

Check out both Instagram pages below: