Cherym: “This is gonna be the year of being unapologetically yourself”

At their core lies a mission of spreading pure thrills and joy. Even when writing songs about Hannah’s ADHD diagnosis, or Alannagh’s experience as an autistic person, the duo turn things into a laugh.

“We’re extremely neurodivergent and just gay as fuck,” says Hannah with a loud chuckle. “I feel like we’ve finally found our people. Me and Alannagh are able to relate to each other in so many ways because we’re two queer brains, working [differently].”

Cherym’s flaming femme pop-rock style also belongs on a ’00s coming of age soundtrack. (Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging or She’s The Man are their picks for the most fitting films they could make a score for.)

“Meet Me @ The Altar are really good at capturing that nostalgia as well,” says Hannah. “Loads of people are doing it and I think that that’s really cool.”

MM@TA aren’t the only outfit they’d make a fitting collab with – Cherym are dreaming big, with hopes of working alongside mega-stars such as Bring Me The Horizon. And as much as their manifesting tactics appear to be working so far, it’s clear that it’s not just the band speaking their dreams into existence. They’ve fought hard to be here, and their current run of good fortune is testament to their refreshingly fun and snappy bops.

“This is gonna be the year of being unapologetically yourself,” says Hannah. “This record, it’s the truth.”