Claudia Winkleman highlights the ‘problematic’ issue with The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman’s ‘problematic’ issue with The Traitors was revealed as the presenter appeared on a podcast to speak about the beloved game show.

Claudia Winkleman is the beloved presenter of The Traitors, one of the most successful TV shows across the world at the moment. Although she is a devout lover of the show, she has recently admitted that there is one ‘problematic’ element of the show that fans are beginning to take note of.

(Image credit: BBC iPlayer)

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Claudia was asked, “Why is it that all the people that get murdered by the traitors are all women bar one? And secondly, why are the Traitors so ageist? One of them [Traitors] was a woman and a bit older, so they murdered her straight away.”