Dead Pony: “We’ve been waiting so long to prove ourselves and show the world what we can do”

IGNORE THIS was produced and written by Blair and the rest of the band – Anna, bassist Liam Adams and drummer Euan Lyons – in its entirety. Anna says that their DIY approach was in part due to high costs of recording music today for small bands, but it’s also something they think will remain core to their ethos.

An album of this length is almost a thing of rare beauty these days, but it was no happy accident – it “was by design”. “We’ve been waiting so long to prove ourselves and show the world what we can do,” announces Blair. “We were like, ‘Okay, let’s create a huge album [where] every song is fucking amazing, and show everyone that we’re capable of doing this.’”

Having full creative control means that Dead Pony feel no pressure to serve the demands of social media or chase down virality, either. “I think that TikTok has been so poisonous for music,” considers Anna. “In some ways, [it’s] ruined the way that people write music. There’s a lot of songs that blow up on TikTok and 90 per cent of the song is literal dog shit, but the other 10 per cent of the song is cool and catchy.

“A lot of people now write with that 10 per cent in mind so [they] can go viral. I think we’ve always wanted to write music that we like and that sounds like us, which is energetic and heavy. I think if you chase something like that, then it’s probably never going to happen for you.”