Did Kate and William meet before they went to St Andrew’s and did she really buy a Big Issue from him?

Did Kate Middleton and Prince William meet before St Andrew’s? Here’s what we know about the validity of that scene in The Crown.

Following the release of season 6 part 2, some viewers are wondering where was The Crown filmed, and how much truth is in these episodes? In particular, many are curious about episode 7, Alma Mater, which raised many questions about how the Prince and Princess of Wales first met, particularly as the show seemed to suggest that the royal couple actually met several years before they went to university together.

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In the episode, Kate and Carole Middleton were shopping in London when they suddenly spotted Prince William and Princess Diana collecting money for homelessness by selling Big Issue magazines. Kate gave the Princess a £5 note and was thanked for the ‘generous’ donation by the Princess who then asked for her name. Carole replied ‘Catherine’ and Kate replied ‘Kate’s fine’ and had a lingering look with Prince William who handed her the magazine and said thank you and Merry Christmas.

This then prompted Kate to go back home and cut out photos of the Prince, saying ‘He seems kind, and has a nice face.’ Carole then gave her a speech about how she should never think that anyone is out of her league and she could most certainly get anyone she wants. But did this incident really happen? Did Kate and William meet before they went to St Andrew’s together?

The Crown

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Although The Crown suggests that Kate and William met in December 1996 briefly, there is nothing to corroborate this. Princess Diana did support many homeless charities and recently Prince William was snapped selling the Big Issue in London, so this storyline does have a grounding of truth, but Kate and William did not meet until many years after Diana’s death. Both the Prince and Princess have claimed many times that they met in 2001, at St Andrew’s.