Did The Queen really consider stepping down? As The Crown shows Queen Elizabeth debating abdicating

Viewers of The Crown are wondering, did The Queen really consider stepping down? As Her Majesty was depicted considering abdication back in 2005.

Season 6 part 2 of The Crown launched on December 14th, 2023, and fans have been gripped by the new series of the show which delved into the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death in 1997 and how the Royal Family coped with this enormous loss. While some are wondering, who did Kate and William date before each other, or where was The Crown filmed, others want to know how factual the final episode of the show was, and whether The Queen really considered abdicating from the throne? Here’s what we know…  

(Image credit: Netflix)

The finale of The Crown shows the Queen battling with thoughts of abdication. The show portrays the Queen wondering if she should take the lead of other European monarchs and retire from the throne before she became too old and unfit for the job. As we know from real life, the Queen never abdicated and chose to serve the country as the monarch until her dying days. So did she ever really consider handing the throne to Charles? It’s unlikely.