Do Susie Glass and Eddie Horniman from The Gentlemen get together?

Netflix’s series The Gentlemen has been a huge hit over the weekend as viewers have indulged in the original series from the mind of Guy Ritchie. 

The Gentlemen has delighted viewers since its release last week as fans have adored the tongue-in-cheek gangster series which is a spin-off of the original film from Guy Ritchie of the same name. The series consists of eight hour-long episodes with a complex narrative, several sub-plots, and many characters, all with their own agenda and back story. 

Eddie Horniman, the Duke of Halstead (Theo James), and Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) are the lead characters in this ensemble series and have a lot of on-screen tension. But do Susie and Eddie ever get together? Here’s what you need to know…

Susie and Eddie from The Gentlemen

(Image credit: Netflix)

Do Susie and Eddie from The Gentlemen get together?