EP review: Maggie Lindemann – HEADSPLIT

It’s nothing new for pop artists to pivot towards rock. Recent years have seen the likes of mgk and WILLOW transition from purveying chart-topping pop hits to declaring their love for all things alternative. Dallas’ Maggie Lindemann has followed a similar path, releasing breakthrough pop hit Pretty Girl back in 2016, but using her more recent material – 2021 EP PARANOIA and 2022 album SUCKERPUNCH – to showcase her desire to own a heavier, more guitar-driven sound. The culmination of that work is her new, somewhat experimental EP HEADSPLIT, her strongest and most original record yet.

Things get off to a very strong start by way of opener rip my heart out, whose gorgeous vocal melodies eventually give way to some crunching riffs. Maggie’s vocal might is a consistent high throughout HEADSPLIT, and something that really hammers home the emotional heft of rockers like die for and one last time. Nods to her lighter roots remain on tracks like you hold my love, a slick, well-constructed alt.pop song that’s delivered with sincerity.