FelixThe1st is all about purpose

FelixThe1st is wholly about the art. TikTok views, impressing label execs, and quick passing trends are not something he concerns himself with. He just wants his music to find the right people. “I would rather there be six people [listening] in their bedroom that are dealing with some hard shit in their life like, ‘Yo, this song saved me, this song has helped me express things I didn’t know I had,’” he begins, pacing around his home.

“Everything I do now, I’m thinking of the purpose. Is there a possibility for this to matter in five years? That’s the main thing for me: longevity and creating a legacy… God willing, in a couple of years, this will mean something.”

You may have already heard Felix on the viral hit Own Brand Freestyle, but if that’s where you stopped listening then you’re missing out on a whole lot more. His debut project, I Hope You Never Fit In, goes to a much deeper place. Slurring together grunge, bedroom pop and shoegaze, it delves into love, heartache, the tumultuous push and pull of figuring out life in your 20s, and being a work in progress.

“There are lessons in this tape,” he declares. “Lessons of sitting on things for too long, not knowing what you’ve got when it’s there. Also just realising your own worth and knowing that you don’t need anybody else to validate your feelings. We’re human, and you might say one thing tomorrow, but it’s not impossible for you to contradict yourself the next day.”