Frank Iero: “I’m still surprised and excited by everything that goes…

Just under two years on from launching L.S. Dunes, Frank Iero has developed one major physical issue since forming the emo and post-hardcore side-project of his dreams. All things considered, though, it’s a pretty lovely obstacle to be facing.

“Honestly, this is the most fun band I’ve ever been in, in my life,” the guitarist tells us happily. “The only problem is that my ribs hurt from laughing so much when we hang out!”

It’s an abdominal challenge that Frank’s been tackling a lot lately. Since dropping killer debut album Past Lives in 2022, the band – completed by vocalist Anthony Green, guitarist Travis Stever, bassist Tim Payne and drummer Tucker Rule – have spent months on the road together, playing festivals, touring the UK, and most recently, supporting Pierce The Veil in U.S. arenas. And, of course, making each other giggle on a daily basis.

And with more gigs planned for this year, including Slam Dunk Festival on these shores and Las Vegas’ nostalgic spectacular When We Were Young in October, things show no signs of slowing down. Which is a thrilling surprise to Frank, given how Dunes first came to be during the pandemic.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he admits. “We’re all friends and we had nothing else going on (laughs), and the world had shut down so it was like, ‘Let’s make art.’ Really, I thought it would be something that just passed a little bit of time, but the more we got into the songs, and the world started to heal a bit, I was like, ‘Oh wow, I really enjoy this.’ I always have these conversations with my wife – because she’s the most sane person I know, thank god! – and I was like, ‘Do I need another band?’ The answer to that is, ‘Definitely not,’ but she was like, ‘The dudes that you’re doing this with are fucking rad and great musicians, and if you think it’s cool, then you should see where it goes.’”

And where things have gone has already exceeded expectations. Not that Frank had set his sights too high at first, mind…

“I’ve never started a band going, ‘I want to do this, this and this in terms of success,’” he explains. “That stuff just doesn’t ever enter my mind – even though it probably should! My expectations are just: can I create things that inspire me and are fun to me? That’s the only thing I’m looking for.

“You know, I’ve been doing this for quite a long time – I don’t know if that shows in my face!” he adds with a laugh. “But I still enjoy it, and I’m still surprised by and excited by everything that goes along with this life. Personally, I really love making records, I love creating new songs, I love working with new people, and making something from nothing – the creation process is a high that I’ve always wanted to chase.”

Last November, Frank and L.S. Dunes gave fans a deeper look into their own specific creative process with the release of demo album Lost Songs: Lines And Shapes. Here, K! finds out about this previously-unused material and the joy of hearing flaws, as well as where things are at with album number two, Slam Dunk and more…