From custom creepers to hardcore fleeces: The best in alternative style this month

From full-on fitted caps to flat peak snapbacks, Fred Durst’s favourite head accessory keeps on rollin’.

As we know by now, nu-metal is already in a full swing revival, and the early ’00s are trending. So, it only makes sense for the fitted cap to make its return. Of course, for many people it never went away, but in regards to trends, we have seen trucker caps and bent peak dad caps dominating the scene over the last few years.

With OG brands like New Era to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton getting in on the trend, it’s time to ditch your bent peaks and relive your nostalgic nu-metal memories.

In New Era’s 2024 collection, they are celebrating iconic styles of the past and have included their New Era Script Brown 59FIFTY Fitted Cap, which comes with a 100 years pin badge and embroidery detailing. Of course, this isn’t the classic red cap Limp Bizkit’s frontman loves so much, but it’s a current take on that trend.

However, New Era do have something much closer to Ben Stiller’s Favourite Motherfucker’s style with their Lunar New Year collection, featuring a red velvet satin New York Yankees fitted cap. I wonder if Fred will be rocking it at Download this summer? Someone at New Era needs to make it happen – I’m calling out to the fashion gods and hoping they hear me! We need to see Fred and his iconic cap in an updated style. My white vest and baggy jorts are ready. I just need some Osiris D3s next…

Are you ready to wear a fitted again? Or would you rather stay out of style?!