From expressive streetwear to emo anime: The best in alternative style this month

For all you anime emos, Levi’s has a brand-new Gundam collection! The Levi’s x Gundam SEED collection mixes a futuristic design with Levi’s historic quality and craftmanship blended perfectly with fun anime graphics from the Gundam universe.

There are countless characters and storylines in the Japanese sci-fi franchise, but the humanoid Gundam machines piloted by talented humans are at the centre of all the action. Arguably the stars of the show. This collection captures the badass of the mobile suits and the recurring fight between different ideologies – meaning you don’t just have to talk about your love of Gundam; you can wear it, so people know…

Standout pieces include the Levi’s x Gundam SEED ’93 501® jeans and the matching Relaxed Trucker. Made from indigo denim with a light stonewash finish, the jean and jacket both feature patterned prints of the Strike Gundam, a blue jacron back patch, and a co-branded patch. These details make this collaboration exciting and display the level of intricate attention that has gone into the process of design. You look stylish and cool AF, but when you get closer people can tell you are also a little nerd. Perfect.

Meanwhile, the Levi’s
x Gundam SEED Technical Anorak, which is boxy and slightly cropped, comes with silver piping, oversized utility chest pockets (great for snacks and gig earplugs) straps to tie back, and a large GAT-X105 Strike Gundam graphic on the back. Plus, matching Cargo Pants, which also features piping as well as co-branded Gundam patches on the cargo and back pockets. A perfect gig outfit in my opinion.

So, whether you want to go for a causal two-piece tracksuit or Canadian tuxedo, they have you covered. The collection also features a variety of tees, a hoody and accessories including a really sick slingback bag. It’s time to let your outfit showcase your love of anime to help attract all the other emo anime kids.