Gen And The Degenerates: “Our songs always come with a positive spin…

The guitarist cites Fugazi, Pixies and Drive Like Jehu as their formative bands. Indeed, the album is flooded with these post-hardcore tones, alongside Gen’s bombastic vocals, drawing influence from Blondie and Amy Winehouse. Amongst all of this fun and noise, though, ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA ends on the delicate number Jude’s Song, a touching tribute to Gen’s late aunt, inspired by a sombre moment in the Portuguese mountains
with their family.

“Grief is really hard,” they say. “But what are the odds? Out of the millions of people in human history, we got to be alive at the same time as my auntie Jude. It was a way to talk to her and celebrate her.”

This is the trait that makes Gen And The Degenerates so vital: turning heartache, and what feels like misery all around us, into a thing of beauty.