Ghost Atlas announces new album, Dust Of The Human Shape

Ghost Atlas has announced a new record, Dust Of The Human Shape.

Due out on January 26, 2024 via UNFD, the 12-track album is the next from ERRA man Jesse Cash’s alt.rock side-project, following 2019’s Sleep Therapy: An Acoustic Performance.

Jesse is previewing his LP with new single Lesser Gods, which he says came about after he wanted to write a song with “a singular chord progression”.

“I play with this idea on a few songs on the record,” he explains. “It just keeps your ear very locked into the vibe while challenging me to find other creative ways to introduce dynamic. In the case of this song, the most notable means is the time signature change in the bridge, when the rhythm progression switches to 7 beats per bar. It’s a little bit of trick I’m playing on the ear to bring some technicality and tension into the song. While the timing changes, the chord progression remains exactly the same to alleviate the change feeling forceful or distracting.”

Check out Lesser Gods below.