Going Off: “There’s a lot of hardcore that has the ‘hard man’ image……

The future is looking immense for the Church Road Records signees. Their next album is already underway, but they’re toying with the idea of releasing further fury-filled EPs which would act as Kill List sequels.

They also hope the coming years will see them carrying out a “bucket list” tour of America, and collaborating with other hardcore and metal artists – and when K! suggest Heriot for the job, Jake grins, “We all think the world of that band. I could have a lot of fun with Jake [Packer, bassist], that’s for sure. The two Jakes!”

Despite the aggression channelled in this new body of music and their relentless shows, Going Off hope to make their live spaces welcoming for everyone.

“We’re all kind of nerdy,” Jake admits. “We’re freaks, but freaks that are for the freaks, you know?”

He exudes pride in his bandmates, who he describes as his best friends, and is immensely grateful to each person who takes the time to dig deep into their music.

“There’s a lot of music in the hardcore scene that I find quite egotistical, or it’s like the ‘hard man’ image,” he says. “None of us are ‘hard’. I think the music’s hard, but when we finish we’re all the loveliest people.”

He smiles. “We want everybody to feel like they can come along and share the experience with us.”