Gouge Away announce third album Deep Sage, drop opener Stuck In A Dream

Gouge Away have announced details of their third album, Deep

The Fort Lauderdale hardcore punks’ highly-anticipated record – the long-awaited
follow-up to 2018’s Burnt Sugar – is due out as soon as March 15 via
Deathwish, with opener Stuck In A Dream released today (January 9).

And it’s a sign of things to come, too, with vocalist Christina
Michelle explaining that you can hear the band’s recording approach clearly and
intentionally: the whole thing was put to tape live and completely analogue
at Atomic Garden East, with producer Jack Shirley.

“Recording live and to tape creates an intense environment where
we have no choice but to feed off each other’s energy,” the singer explains. “We
have to get it right in one take and if anyone messes up we all have to start
over, so no-one wants to be that guy.

“It adds an element of risk and excitement. We don’t want to
sound beautifully polished or perfect anyway. We want to sound like the five of
us being human, and no-one is better than Jack Shirley when it comes to
capturing what it feels like in the room.”

Watch the video for Stuck In A Dream below: