Grantchester season 7 recap: Did Will marry Bonnie, what happened in the finale and what we can expect from season 8?

A Grantchester season 7 recap could be much-needed as it’s been quite some time since the crime-solving duo Reverend Will Davenport and DI Geordie Keating have been on our screens.

Excited fans might be forgiven for a little impatience as the anticipation builds ahead of the release of Grantchester season 8. It’s been two years since the Grantchester season 7 finale aired and whilst the next instalment was broadcast in the US last year, UK-based fans are still awaiting the return of our much-loved detective pairing – Geordie and Will. Given how long ago the last episode aired, there are likely many fans in need of a Grantchester season 7 recap before diving into season 8. As the start of the new series of Grantchester draws closer we’ve got all the details – including whether Bonnie and Will actually got married in season 7.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

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Grantchester season 7 recap: What happened last series?