Griselda’s money: What was Griselda Blanco’s net worth and what happened to her money?

Netflix’s Griselda has shocked and delighted viewers who want to know everything about the real life Colombian drug lord.

The new Netflix series, Griselda has delighted viewers who have been transfixed by Sofia Vergara’s transformation into Griselda and want to know more about what happened to Griselda Blanco’s three husbands in real life and where are Griselda Blanco’s children now?

Another major question viewers are asking is about Griselda’s money. The series highlighted that Griselda Blanco was a multi billionaire when she was arrested by the police and still lived for many years out of the public eye once she was released. But what happened to all of her money, did she die poor or was she wealthy for the rest of her life? Here’s what you need to know…

(Image credit: Netflix)

What was Griselda Blanco’s net worth?