Hear Chris Shiflett’s country cover of Thin Lizzy’s Cowboy Song

Following the release of 2023 album Lost At Sea, Chris Shiflett
will be dropping a brand-new EP this month.

Entitled Starry Nights & Campfire Lights, the record is out
on March 15 via Spinefarm, and it features the Foo Fighters man covering Thin
Lizzy and Hanoi Rocks, as well as including unreleased live and acoustic versions from Lost At

Speaking about his Thin Lizzy cover of Cowboy Song, which you
can stream below, Chris says: “I’ve always loved Thin Lizzy and thought Phil
Lynott’s storytelling lyrics could easily translate to country music, none more
so than Cowboy Song. I went into the studio with my band between Foo Fighters
tours recently out at 606 and worked up our version, which we aimed at a late ’70s
Waylon type of vibe, like when outlaw was crossing over into disco.

“Feels like we have a toe-tapper on our hands and I’m excited to
work it into the set when we’re overseas. Lizzy is one of the all-time great
guitar bands so it was fun trying to put my own spin on the guitar solos – I
twanged some of it up, and straight copped bits and pieces too, kind of a