“I got stabbed by a mail cart”: 13 Questions with The Callous Daoboys’ Carson Pace

“I sorted mail at an envelope factory for a year. That sucked pretty bad. And also, controversial opinion, I worked at Guitar Center for a little while, which might be the worst job I’ve ever had. That just absolutely sucked. Any guitar that is under $400 is not a great instrument, but you still have to sell it, because you’re on commission and you have to meet quotas. So you’re essentially lying all day about an instrument being good, if someone’s budget is pretty low.

“Also, hearing people play the same six riffs all day was pretty annoying. You’d get Smoke On The Water and Stairway To Heaven and stuff, but the worst one was guys who absolutely cannot play John Mayer. Specifically, Neon by John Mayer, because that song is hard. I can’t play that song, and most people can’t, and maybe they shouldn’t try when they’re amplified throughout a store.”