Is One Day based on a true story? The real inspiration behind the heartbreaking Netflix series

 Netflix has once again got everyone talking with the release of its new romantic drama TV series One Day. The show has viewers hooked as it marks the second time David Nicholls’ bestselling 2009 novel has been adapted. 

In 2009, you could not walk anywhere without seeing someone holding a copy of Nicholls’ book, which led to the 2011 film adaptation of One Day starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. However, the film faced heavy criticism, leading to Netflix attempting to rectify fans’ disappointment by adapting the book again twelve years later, this time into a TV series. 

For those of us who have never heard of One Day or desperately need a refresher into the world of Nicholls’ bestselling novel – it has been 14 years since the book came out after all – here’s what the series is really about, if it’s based on a true story and whether or not the TV series made some changes from the book.

(Image credit: Netflix)

What is One Day About?