Joni Mitchell reduces A-list celebrities to tears at the Grammys with powerful ‘Both Sides Now’ performance

Last night Grammy awards was full of show-stopping performances, but it the one that won the night wasn’t what you might expect. Among those performing was Billie Eilish, Billy Joel and Dua Lipa, but the star who stole the show was Joni Mitchell, with a beautiful, powerful performance of her hit song ‘Both Sides Now’. 

The 80-year-old singer began the song in the dark, sat in a beautiful throne-like chair with its back to the audience. A few seconds in, the lights were raised and the chair swivelled round to face the audience, who erupted with applause. Mitchell sang her famous song confidently to the room of A-list celebrities, many of whom, including Meryl Streep and her daughter Mamie Gummer, were close to tears. 

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