Killing Joke guitarist Geordie Walker has died

Geordie was one of only two constant members of the legendary British post-punk band, alongside singer Jaz Coleman, whose advert in Melody Maker the guitarist answered in 1979. His riffing style, simple, repetitive amd minimalist, but also enormous sounding and with a world of subtle dynamics and mastery of cold melody, helped to turn Killing Joke into one of the most important and influential cult bands in the history of rock music.

Their music was hugely important in the foundations of industrial music, but can be felt even amongst the biggest bands to emerge after them. Metallica who covered The Wait from their essential self-titled 1980 album, while Nirvana’s Come As You Are riff is eerily close to KJ’s classic Eighties, and whose drummer Dave Grohl would play on their astonishing 2003 album, also self-titled. Lamb Of God, Ghost, Guns N’ Roses, Tool, Creeper, Paradise Lost, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and countless more have all saluted the band, often noting Geordie’s unique style.

Kerrang! sends our deepest condolences to Geordie’s family, bandmates and friends.