Laura Jane Grace: “Sometimes punk is sh*tty, because there are sh*tty…

Laura’s attitude towards the genre for which she has been one of the 21st century’s most prominent voices is perhaps the only thing in her life that hasn’t been spun on its head these past few years. She speaks to K! today from a sun-bathed room in her new Chicago home that one might describe as having a tastefully minimal decor, were it not for the fact it’s merely only half-moved into. It is in this city that late last year Laura proposed to her now-wife, comedian Paris Campbell, following a whirlwind romance. The pair married in December, and this past month squeezed in a honeymoon of sorts in Greece, where the happy couple fit trips to the Acropolis and Parthenon around Laura’s live commitments in Athens.

It’s to the Windy City – the home of her daughter, Evelyn, whom Laura shares custody of with her previous partner – that she has returned following a dalliance with St Louis, three hours south, having endured a “pandemic freakout” that would eventually lead to the birthing of Hole In My Head in Missouri. Shorn of the touring life to which she’d become conditioned, she began asking big questions of herself.

“I went through the same period of wondering, ‘Who am I now?’ and, ‘How does this world work for me now?’ that I think everyone did,” Laura explains. “I found a building that was just sitting empty, and it was a studio that had recording history, and took a chance on it.

“St Louis is kind of a fucked-up place,” she continues. “It’s a dangerous city, but I think that there’s something really special about the city too. I ended up really connecting with a community of musicians and the art scene there. I was definitely out of my element, and maybe even a little scared, but I did what I’ve always done in life, and I wrote my way through it.”