Listen to Cassyette’s powerful new single, When She Told Me

Cassyette has just unveiled an incredibly powerful and personal new single.

Taken from her upcoming debut album This World Fucking Sucks, the track – which goes by the name When She Told Me – is about the moment she found out her father had passed away.

“When She Told Me is about the moment my mum told me we lost my dad,” Cassyette explains. “It was the worst moment of my life. My vision literally flipped upside-down. I didn’t find out until recently that this is a stress response where your body is about to shut down. It felt unexplainable and this song is as close as I got. If you know this feeling this is for you.”

When She Told Me follows previous singles Why Am I Like This? and Ipecac – all of which are taken from This World Fucking Sucks, which is due out on August 23 via 23 Recordings.