Live review: Enter Shikari, London OVO Arena Wembley

Kicking things off is pop-punk newcomer NOAHFINNCE, whose live show, while a little green, has more than a few glimmers of potential. The guitars on Growing Up On The Internet and 3 Day Headache sound monstrous out of Wembley’s speakers, but ordinary, sunny pop-punk this is not – not when it’s intercut with audio of Margaret Thatcher and Rishi Sunak spouting anti-LGBTQ hatred. The highlight of the set, incidentally, sees a girl dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter perform a frenetic dance routine to self-proclaimed “diss track for transphobes and TERFs” Scumbag, serving as a hilarious yet beautiful ‘fuck you’ to the franchise’s creator.

FEVER 333, meanwhile, appear on the cusp of setting the place alight. Jason Aalon Butler’s band of protest punks put on a furious display, while he screams like he has razors in his throat. Between speeches about standing with “our brothers and sisters in Palestine” and “honouring our women on this stage”, they sound colossal, treating Wembley as their own club show where Jason can jump off amps and dive into the crowd. It’s a stunning performance, and as they leave, it feels like they’ve audaciously thrown Enter Shikari a gauntlet.