Lovebreakers: “The world needs bands and guitar music more than ever”

Wonder itself is an album that makes you feel good, too. Opening with the title-track, it hears Jack captivatingly waiting for the birth of his daughter, singing, ‘It makes me wonder / I want to hold you and see you / I’ve got your number / You’ve got my blood.’

“That’s the most personal song for me,” he says. “When I wrote it, my partner was about seven months pregnant at the time with our daughter. It’s black and white, and if you listen to the lyrics you can work it out. And there’s little clips in there where I actually recorded some of her toys and that’s on the record. In the second verse I recorded Lulu laughing, which is in there. Every time I listen to it, my baby girl’s on it, so it just makes me skip a heartbeat.”

Elsewhere, there’s massive crowd-pleaser Spark, which has already become a firm favourite live.

“If I was an outsider listening, it’s everything I like in a song, with a big chorus, it’s got horns, and it sort of sounds Oasis-y, as well!” enthuses Christian. “I always say that song is like a punk rock Oasis. It sounds punk, but it’s got that big, Glastonbury, on-your-friend’s-shoulders sing-along chorus.”

Really, though, it all sounds huge – and that’s thanks in part to Chris Dugan’s magical touch, having chipped away on it remotely after the band recorded the album in Watford back in 2022.

“He was really keen to get involved with the mixing,” says Jack. “He did one mix and we were like, ‘Jesus Christ, this is next-level.’ And then he ended up mixing the whole record for us, and I can’t thank him enough, man, because we’re so happy with it. He’s got that understanding of guitar music and getting the most out of the song. He understands the genre so well, and pushes the bits where they need to be pushed. I know every band says they’re proud of their record, but it sounds so great and polished, and it’s got loads of energy.”