Lynks drops new single and video, TENNIS SONG

Lynks has shared a brilliantly unique new single and video, TENNIS SONG.

Taken from next month’s debut album ABOMINATION, the track hears Lynks tell the story of “a one-sided love affair with a straight tennis coach”, who initially ‘made a gay boy love sports’ – but by the end of the song, the artist shares how they now ‘feel sick at the sight of a yellow-green ball’.

Previously speaking about ABOMINATION as a whole, Lynks explained that, “I think on the EPs, I was trying so hard to get anyone to pay attention. Early on I was like, ‘Well, every song needs to be a hilarious concept.’ Whereas this album, there’s quite a few of those, but there’s also songs that aren’t necessarily funny, or they’re exploring an idea rather than being really specific.”

Watch the video for TENNIS SONG. below: