Maggie Lindemann: “I’m going through life changes and trying to…

On Paranoia and Suckerpunch you proved a lot of people wrong – you took control of your art, your look, your sound. The assumption would be perhaps that you’d be more comfortable with yourself now. Any idea of what’s been the root of all the doubt that, say, lead single Hostage refers to?
“Honestly? I don’t know. Paranoia was so life-changing, I felt so confident with everything I was doing – the outfits, everything. It just came so naturally. That was three years ago. I was 21 turning 22, and now I’m 25 turning 26. I’m completely different now. I’m going through life changes and trying to reinvent myself and refine myself, because I’m absolutely not the person I was. Even with my style. I don’t want to wear plaid miniskirts anymore, because I’m too grown – like, I’m a grown-up, you know? (Laughs) I’m in this weird transitional period. I’m not 19, but I’m also not 40. I’m in this really weird time in my life where I’m trying to figure out who I am now. I think that’s where the insecurity comes from because I do get so many comments like, ‘Oh, I miss your old style!’ or, ‘I miss when you were like this.’ I do too, but I can’t be that person anymore – I can’t even think to put those types of outfits on, because that’s not where my brain is. That’s where I find a lot of insecurity – it’s just trying to figure out who I am now.”

One song on the EP, 24, seems to really speak to that whole experience with the lyric, ‘At 16, a perfect angel / Then 30, you’re turning fatal.’ It seems to be a very powerful comment on the music industry’s infatuation with youth…
“Especially for women; everyone loves you when you’re young, but you don’t get that same praise if you’re an amazing artist at 30. It’s just different. Also, the older you get, they always tell you, ‘Time’s running out!’ or, ‘You have a wrinkle, you’re getting old!’ It’s stressful to be any person, but to be a woman ageing? It’s a really scary thing. You’re always conditioned to think time’s running out, like, ‘I gotta get all this done when I’m young!’”

You’ve reunited with Siiickbrain on the track Deprecating, another song with some heavy lyrics detailing feelings of suffocation, dead souls and karmic retribution… What was the inspiration behind that song?
“At the time when we wrote the song, I was literally going through nothing (laughs). I was just vibing, I was really chilling, so I was having a hard time coming up with stuff to write about. But Caroline [Smith, aka Siiickbrain] was going through some stuff so we just wrote about the situation she was in, basically, where this person was manipulating her and trying to use scare tactics so she wouldn’t want to do things so we wrote about that. We’re best friends in real life, so it’s just easy to work together.”