meth.: Intentionally uncomfortable extremity that will leave you with…

As mentioned, these are central pillars in what makes SHAME the album it is. Even without picking through the lyrics, Seb’s description of the songs and their meanings comes through in the music alone.

“The first three songs deal with the intense highs of spiraling out. Whether it be mentally, through addictions, stress, the theme of those three songs are meant to encapsulate euphoria,” he explains. “Give In is the ‘come to God’ moment of the record – the self-reflection of your self and acknowledgement of the help you need, while also still completely caving into your impulses and failing yourself and knowing you are.

“The last three songs more or less deal with the want to recover, the want to feel okay and just wanting to be normal and happy but not ever feeling that way,” he continues. “Knowing you are human and will fuck up, over and over. Blackmail being the internal battle of knowing yourself and knowing your flaws. Holding yourself accountable but also completely fearing the reality of any situation and analysing yourself to the point you can either face your problems head on or continue to drink away. When the album repeats at the end, the cycle repeats.”