MOTHICA shares first single from upcoming album Kissing Death

MOTHICA has announced details of her new album, and shared its
lead single.

Due out on August 23 via Heavy Heart/Rise Records, the full-length
goes by the name Kissing Death, and is the follow-up to 2022’s Nocturnal.

Speaking about the concept behind Kissing Death and all its
soon-to-be-released music videos, MOTHICA shares: “I decided to make death a
love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale. Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in
a therapist’s office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing
a scorned lover. The music videos will be like ‘flashbacks’ of what I’m telling
my therapist.

“On the first single, Doomed, we go back in time to an angsty
teenage version of me. This is my first brush with the Grim Reaper and I doodle
pictures of him in my diary surrounded by hearts. Flash forward, I’m shown
performing at a dive bar, clubbing, engulfed in self-destruction. He stalks me,
and eventually even proposes marriage, and I leave him at the altar and run
away. It ends with me and death in couple’s therapy. I wanted the music to feel
cinematic, like the soundtrack of a movie.”

More specifically revealing all about Doomed, she adds that musically it’s a “sibling of
my song Forever Fifteen. It’s a melancholy ballad and has this shoegaze
influence at the end of the song that swells up with intensity. I’ve heard
people talk about gifted child syndrome, or about feeling like a disappointment
compared to the accolades they were given as a young kid and I didn’t know
other people felt the same way.

“I was a smart kid with a bright future, and sometimes I feel
like my depression sabotaged some of that light I had. In the second verse, I
open up about my experience in my church youth group and my abusive youth
pastor. When I was just coming out of middle school, I was awkward and insecure
and I hoped church would be a safe place to make friends but I was taking
advantage of at my most vulnerable. I wish I could go back and protect myself
from some of the things I went through, and it was incredibly therapeutic to
recreate my teenage bedroom for the music video. I casted my friend to play a
younger version of me, adorned in 2009 emo warped tour era posters, and show
this angsty misunderstood girl. I am terrified to put this song out but I
showed the ending to my therapist and she teared up so I felt like this was an
important song to lead the album with. It feels like a small sliver of my
origin story.”

Check it out below: