Oli Sykes drops heavy snippet of new BMTH track Kool Aid

While we still don’t yet have a release date for Bring Me The
Horizon’s delayed album POST HUMAN: NeX Gen, the band are clearly working hard
on music behind the scenes, with Oli Sykes sharing a heavy snippet of new

The singer took to Instagram stories to unveil not one, not two
but three NeX Gen track details, along with the news that the second
song – Kool Aid – is complete. As such, he also teased how it sounded, and
you can hear Oli screaming the lyrics, ‘Such a sucker for an execution…’ over monstrous-sounding
instrumentals. Oooft!

He also revealed that NeX GEn’s opening song has the working
title ScREam, and there’s still some bits left to sort on that one (including new verse and chorus melodies) while track three is apparently
called toP 10 STatUes THAT CRiED BLood.

Check out Oli’s Insta post – via @bmthstan4lyfe on Twitter
– below.