Ozzy says “never in a million years” to another series of The Osbournes

On the latest episode of their hugely popular 2023 podcast, the Osbourne family reflect in detail on their ’00s reality TV show, and are pretty unanimous in agreeing that another season will never, ever happen.

In an hour-long podcast, released today – entitled Therapy, Ketamine & The Osbournes TV Show Return: Inside Osbournes’ Mental Health Saga – Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly chat about the good and bad of their four-season MTV show, with Kelly sharing that it had a “massive negative” impact on her mental health. “It made me so insecure,” she admits.

Her father agrees that, “It sent me a bit crazy at times,” before going on to explain how, “It’s intrusive. I wanted a safe room where I could go and pick my nose or squeeze a zit if I wanted to, without it being on camera… when you’ve got hidden cameras, you start to fucking freak out.”

However, it wasn’t all bad, and The Prince Of Darkness does enthuse that, “Looking back it was the best diary that we’ve ever done – what a thing to leave your kids.” “I think it was great for all of us,” says Sharon later, “but it was time to end when we ended it.”

And indeed, the final episode – which aired on March 21, 2005 – will seemingly still remain the final episode, as Ozzy says of a potential future season: “It won’t happen again. Never in a million years.”

“And, to be honest with you,” adds Jack, “I don’t think it should.”

“No,” agrees Sharon. “It shouldn’t.”

Watch the full podcast below.