Pale Waves’ Heather Baron-Gracie: “All my energy is going into writing our best album yet”

Fresh from the news that Pale Waves will be making their
highly-anticipated debut at Slam Dunk next year, we catch up with Heather
Baron-Gracie in the new winter issue of Kerrang! to look forward to the
festivals, as well as new music.

Though Heather can’t divulge anything in proper detail just yet when it comes to the follow-up to third LP Unwanted, the singer reveals that a newfound streak of self-belief will be helping to
shape all things Pale Waves going forwards.

“I’ve started to really love myself, after years of neglect,”
she tells Kerrang! in the new mag. “Only now have I started to realise that I
should love every inch of myself. I’m a lot more comfortable and confident in
who I am, where I am in life, my sexuality. I don’t mind being on show anymore.

“So all of my attention and energy is going into writing and
recording our best album yet. Ultimately, that’s about building a world that
feels like Pale Waves, while also feeling completely different to anywhere
we’ve inhabited before. We’re creating another universe for our fans to
explore, and for us to live in for a moment.”

And a brave, bold new chapter therefore means that 2024 is hopefully going to
be incredibly busy for the band…

“2023 was quite relaxed by our standards,” Heather considers.
“I’m ready for next year to be completely flooded with things. From day one,
I’ve had the grandest ambitions for Pale Waves, and I always will. I want this
band to be the biggest that we can possibly be. For us, ‘The Dream’ is still
very much the biggest dream.”

Get your copy of the Kerrang! 2023 winter issue now to read the full interview with Heather, as well as brand-new features with everyone from Green Day to Nova Twins to Fall Out Boy to Skindred.