Paramore confirm they’re “freshly independent” and plan to “continue…

Despite things feeling a bit up in the air with Paramore following the news that they became ‘free agents’ late last year – and then the cancellation of a few shows in early 2024 – the band have revealed that they’re definitely not going anywhere.

Sharing a new statement announcing the news that they’re officially “freshly independent”, Paramore have posted that the first thing they’ve decided to do with their newfound freedom as a band is to become this year’s official Record Store Day ambassadors on April 20. Then, after that, they are “going to continue to have a long career in the music industry”. So there.

Paramore’s new statement reads: “After a long career in the music industry we have decided to announce that… we are going to continue to have a long career in the music industry (sorry for any inconvenience).

“Our first order of business as a freshly independent Paramore is to shine a light on independent record stores – a vital part of our journey from music-obsessed school friends to professional music makers. With that being said, we are humbled to be your Ambassadors for Record Store Day 2024. The timing feels kismet.

“The discovery of music was always meant to be romantic,” they continue. “Indie record shops are some of the only spaces we’ve got that offer a tangible, tactile experience of music discovery. In this world that feels more disconnected and hostile than ever, it feels important to remain in touch (literally) with what inspires us, empowers us, or simply brings us joy.

“Thankfully, for all our sakes, there still survives among the chaos, the purity and radical simplicity of a great record store.”