Paramore on supporting Taylor Swift in 2024: “It’s time to have a fun summer”

It’s been a monumental year for Paramore, with the release of
their excellent album This Is Why and some of the biggest headline gigs of their career.
And 2024 will likely be even more massive, as the trio are set to
support Taylor Swift in stadiums.

With Hayley Williams and TaySway having been pals for a long time
now, the Paramore vocalist has shared in a new interview with Uproxx that they’ve
been on somewhat similar journeys as artists, having broken through “at
the same time” and today still going strong, despite some of the challenges they’ve
faced over the years.

“I mean, we know how rare it is to last this long in the music
industry,” Hayley explains. “It’s amazing what she’s traversed through and not
only managed to last, but continue to get better as an artist, get bigger in
her appeal. We’ve been in this for as long and we’ve really survived a lot,
whether that is self-inflicted shit or just the industry at large and the world
at large.”

Looking ahead to next year’s support slots with Taylor, she
adds: “But to be able to play with an artist like her for me represents how
long we’ve been at this, and how much shit we’ve seen. Now, it’s time to have a
fun summer.”

Beyond next year and playing these pop mega-gigs, there’s also
some hinting at what’s to come from Paramore’s future as a whole, with Uproxx stating
that the band have ‘now fulfilled all label obligations and are effectively
free agents’, and that ‘all three members agreed that there’s a level of
uncertainty’ now. It’s seemingly no reason to worry, though, as for Zac Farro the focus is clear:
“I just hope we can keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world.”

Can’t wait!