pink suits criticise trickle-down economics with new four-second…

With plenty of music getting shorter in today’s streaming and TikTok age, pink suits have taken the concept of short songs to the next level with their new single.

At just four seconds long, the Margate punk duo’s new single, which is entitled A Comprehensive Breakdown Of How Trickle Down Economics Works, very much lives up to its title, breaking down the band’s opinion on that particular economic model (which has been discredited) in absolutely no time at all.

“We are living under a cruel and corrupt government backed up by a complicit media,” say pink suits in an accompanying statement about the track. “They want us to be overwhelmed into silence. We want you to be enraged into action.

“We are now in an election year and the rhetoric is only going to get more divisive and more destructive. We are not supposed to understand how things like politics, structures of power and influence, economics and legal systems work. They are intentionally confusing and inaccessible. We are supposed to be overwhelmed and fed up to the point of inertia. We are not supposed to talk about politics and economics – things that impact our lives every day.

“It is hard to sum up the complexity of these issues in a song. But here we are, giving it a go…”

Watch the video below: