PVRIS team up with Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao for Burn The Witch

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen has just unveiled her first all-female collab
with PVRIS.

Entitled Burn The Witch, the self-produced single features guest
spots from Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao – not to mention it was also brought to life with the help of
co-writer Kanner, as well as female mixing engineers and mastering engineers.
And it’s something Lyndsey will continue to make a part of her work, wanting to
team up with more female, female-identifying, trans, and non-binary musicians.

“At its core, I just wanted to make a fun project full of some
bad bitches in music that I love and create a space where we can express
whatever we want and get to experiment sonically,” she begins. “I didn’t want
to be overly precious about it, I just want to have fun and free flow!”

Lyndsey continues: “It should be noted that while there are
already so many iconic and incredible female producers, writers, engineers etc.
out there – I’m no trailblazer here – there is nowhere near the amount
that there should be. This isn’t even something to debate, go look at the

“I think I’ve truly been in hundreds of writing/producing
sessions at this point in my career and I can recall less than 20 of those that
were with female writers and around 10 that were with female producers. From
labels and publishers to management, there is so little advocacy to get artists
into rooms with women in general. It’s even rarer to see the same advocacy
towards connecting and putting only women in a room together, especially
without it being made into a commodity, ‘special event’ or task to check off. These
collaborations should be happening organically regardless of who is watching.

“I don’t really understand what everyone is so scared of? That
we’ll all have too much fun together? It’s all I’ve experienced in this chapter
(of working almost exclusively with women); just pure fun. I feel like a kid
again and this is the least stressed I’ve felt making music and I really hope I
can be a small part in helping to facilitate those same feelings outward for
the other artists I’m bringing onto this project and working with in general. I
don’t want this to be the only ‘volume’ of this project, there’s too many bad
bitches in all music making roles out there to cover in just one release like
this. This is something I’d love to continue and grow in.”

Check out the results with the absolutely badass Burn The Witch below: