See KennyHoopla, Destroy Boys and The Beaches in the true-crime-inspired trailer for Spotify’s MARROW playlist

Spotify have just unveiled an official new flagship rock playlist, MARROW, with the help of KennyHoopla, Destroy Boys and The Beaches.

This ace trio of acts star in a new true-crime-inspired trailer to help launch the playlist, with the promo investigating ‘Who killed rock?’ Naturally, all three of them emphatically prove that – spoiler alert – the genre isn’t, and never was, dead.

Indeed, MARROW arrives following a particularly big few years of streaming for rock and alternative, with Spotify reporting that there’s been an almost 600 per cent increase in searches for ‘rock music’, ‘alt/rock’ and ‘rock band’, as well as various sub-genres.

They also go on to explain in a press release that MARROW has been ‘built to showcase a genre that is evolving beyond its historical definitions and accurately reflecting what rock music looks like today and tomorrow’.

Watch the trailer below: