See Malevolence’s Alex Taylor join Knocked Loose onstage for All My…

Right now, Knocked Loose are proving why they’re one of the best heavy bands on the planet on their UK tour – but not content with doing it all alone, they brought out another current hero of the metal scene at their Manchester date.

Midway through their set at the Manchester Academy – which the band confirmed was their biggest headline show ever – on March 6, Knocked Loose were joined by Alex Taylor to tear through early-career favourite All My Friends, with the Malevolence frontman growling the verse: ‘All my friends have problems with their selves / We don’t talk about it, nothing helps / We tuck it deep inside, so no-one can see / Then we think about it later in our fucking dreams.’

It’s not the first time they’ve joined forces, either, having toured together in the past, and with KL vocalist Bryan Garris guesting on 2020’s Keep Your Distance. Long live this Knocked Loose x Malev crossover, basically.

Watch the video below: