Shows like Griselda: The 8 best TV shows to watch if you loved Netflix’s Griselda

Griselda was a massive hit on Netflix, and fans are desperate for more drug-fuelled drama – here’s what to watch after Griselda.

Griselda was a huge hit for Netflix who smashed it out of the park as they dramatised the life of Griselda Blanco, an infamously violent Colombian drug lord. Fans were desperate to know more about Griselda’s prison sentence, what the real Griselda looked like, and what happened to Griselda’s children in real life as the series completely captured their attention with the violent depiction of events inspired by real life. 

The six-part limited series left fans wanting more, with many ready to sink their teeth into another true crime drama. Here’s a breakdown of what to watch after Griselda…

(Image credit: Netflix)

What to watch after Griselda

Narcos (2015)