Stand Atlantic will release their new album WAS HERE in August

Following their recent new tunes WARZONE and SEX ON THE BEACH, Stand Atlantic have announced that their new album, WAS HERE, will be released on August 23.

Along with the news, the Australian rockers have also dropped the next single from it, GIRL$. Featuring guest turns from Bruses and PVRIS’ Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, it focuses on singer Bonnie Fraser’s feelings of having to satisfy male expectations, even as a queer woman.

“I feel like the message of the song speaks for itself, I wanted to show my appreciation for women and personally, my experience growing up knowing I was attracted to women but still feeling like I had to fit the mould of the male gaze, just based on the way I was influenced by a male dominated society,” she says. “I hope other queer women and women in general resonate with this track, but also anyone in between. I wrote it for anyone who’s ever felt squashed by the strange and subtle pressures society can place on young people based off old-as-shit paradigms.

“That being said, having Lynn and Amalia on this track made it so much more meaningful to me personally. Both female, queer and talented artists I respect so much. Making this music video was a friggen gas, me and Lynn both had the same idea independently of each other when she agreed to be on the track – ‘Let’s be old ladies.’ I’m sure people expected us all to be selling sex and queer baiting the shit out of this – so we did what any rap video would do, but as old ladies.”

Check out the video below: