Tenacious D release official studio version of viral …Baby One More Time cover

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the LA premiere of Kung Fu
Panda 4 last week, Jack explained that The D’s latest cover came to be because director Mike
Mitchell told him, “‘Hey, we would love to have a Tenacious D song for the end
credits,’” to which Jack said he responded: “‘Really? Can we do Britney Spears?’”

The actor continued, “He said, ‘Let’s do ‘Hit me baby one more
’ for the Kung Fu aspect of that song,’ and we were like, ‘Hell yeah!’ So
we got in the recording studio and we did it and we’re really proud of the
track. We shot a little impromptu music video in Kyle’s hotel room and we put
it on the Internet and it’s gone crazy viral. It’s exciting.”