The Couple Next Door Ending Explained: Who shot Pete and did he survive?

Here’s a breakdown of the ending of Channel 4’s The Couple Next Door – which has left some fans a little bit baffled!

Last week Channel 4 released The Couple Next Door, a new saucy TV show that has gripped viewers who have already binge-watched the season on the streaming platform All 4. Although some were a bit confused about where The Couple Next Door is filmed as the locations were rather unlike Leeds – where it’s supposed to be set – after sinking their teeth into the drama there were more pressing questions to be had! For one, who shot Pete?

(Image credit: Channel 4)

The final episode of The Couple Next Door saw Evie fleeing to her parents’ house after deciding that she didn’t care about her marriage to Pete and was in love with Danny and wanted to keep his baby no matter what. After calling Danny and saying that she needed his help defending her against her father, Danny and Becka came to see Evie and went to the log cabin in the woods that her parents owned.